8020 Bootcamp will take place at the Mandalay Bay Casino in REEF E on the second floor of the conference hall.

INCLUDED: Pre-Hire Assessment Platform Package

A customized online platform that will allow you to create ideal performer benchmarks for every position in your company, and a variety of tools that will provide you with the types of answers you need most – who to remove from the hiring process early, and who to keep around for the final stages.

The value of this assessment package is worth over $2,000.

INCLUDED: 24/7 Leadership & Selection Resource Library

In addition to the great resources we’ll have for you in Vegas, we’re also offering an entire year’s subscription to our Leadership & Selection Resource Library; dozens of books, assessments, job-aids, videos, and other tools aimed at boosting your company’s ability to attract talent as well as your own ability to grow as the type of leader that everyone wants to work for!

This library retails for over $600 annually.

Both are yours FREE for attending the 8020 Bootcamp. It’s Instant ROI!

About the Bootcamp

We are pleased to announce the launch of 8020bootcamp (www.8020bootcamp.com) brought to you by VitalFew (www.vitalfew.io) in association with the IAEWS.

Our first BootCamp, conveniently scheduled just before the IAEWS Fall Congress,  will be focused on specifically helping job boards and other vendors address the following:

1. The Marketplace 
a. Thinking outside the box in sizing the business opportunity
b. Targeting key trends and dynamics among customers
c. Reimagining job boards to attract the top talent customers want
d. Developing a strategy to counteract the legacy brand of job boards

2. Monetization: Understanding all of the monetization opportunities available to job sites; our experiences with each of them, and recommendations for implementation.
a. Backfill Solutions; help or hurt?
b. Email Alerts; which one?
c. Education Leads; how to think about it.
d. Others (resume critique, upsells, adsense and more)

3. Sales, Marketing & Business Development – Getting Tactical.
a. Building/Growing your sales teams: understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
b. Demand Generation: lead mechanics, leading sources, and the KPIs
c. Business Development; buying and selling traffic, partnerships, resellers.

4. People and Management
a. Working with your partner(s)
b. Managing and Leading your team
c. Hiring and Developing A players


  • Date: Friday, 10/16/15
  • Time: 7am – 12pm PST
  • Location: Mandalay Bay Casino, Las Vegas, NV
  • Cost: $695 per registration
  • Capacity: 50
  • Registration: Register HERE
  • Questions?: Email: events@8020bootcamp.com or call 203-240-6416

This Event is Brought To You By

In this ½ day Boot Camp we will cover the basic elements of each of these important topics for your company. Our key premise is that you should be focusing on growth efforts that require the least inputs for the most outputs (thus 8020).

You will walk away with actionable plans for success; and if you implement even one of our suggestions you will make the registration fee back in no time.

In the coming months we will also be launching a 3 day version of this workshop – so if you’d like to see a preview, definitely join us in Las Vegas for this session just prior to the IAEWS Fall Congress.

The registration fee is $695 per company (for 2 people and including continental breakfast).


Event Coordinator: Mike Wiston, VP – Growth Hacker
MC: Ethan Bloomfield, Chief Growth Hacker

Continental Breakfast and Registration
The Job Board Marketplace:

Peter Weddle, Executive Director, IAEWS


Ethan Bloomfield, Founder vitalfew:, former EVP Sales, ZipRecruiter

Sales & Leads Basics:

Ethan Bloomfield, CEO, vitalfew:

People & Management

Mark Snow, VP, Performance Technology Group